Who are we and what do we do?

We offer the same products, services, and software as the big guys. What is the difference you may ask? The best answer would be, the difference is how you are treated. When you start working with a sales representative, or support representative, you will deal with the same person through out that support session or sale. You won't have to explain your problem to a new person every ten minutes when you have to call back. Most of our employees are qualified to answer for multiple departments. So even with a department swap on a ticket you are likely to remain working with the same employee.

Clayton Johnson

Company CEO
Web Designer

Clayton has previously worked for companies as large as Xfinity Signature Support (Comcast's remote support department) in high volume environments, down to three man operations such as E-Form Communications doing access database work. He is fluent in PHP and C#, while maintaining a general knowledge of a litany of other programming languages. Other previous experiences also include construction, land management services, and fourteen years of doing IT work locally.

Jennifer Mills

Client Manager
Graphic Designer
Web Designer


Jennifer Mills is our resident Lead Web Designer. She, with her team, manage the design, visualization, and identity branding for our clients. Jennifer has been designing for over ten years and has loved every minute of it. While she can design to any specification, Jennifer's approach to design is clean and minimal, with a strong focus on the mobile consumer. She is a great asset to Rootswitch.

Our Values

We deal with large companies to rent servers. We know how frustrating it can be to just be a customer number. If your customer number isn't large enough in volume. You usually don't mean much. We treat every customer the same. From the smallest, to the largest plan. Without customers we wouldn't exist.


We don't choose servers just because they are the cheapest. Hardware throughput and bandwidth quality matters.


If a server isn't performing as it should. Contact us immediately. We know getting what you paid for matters.


Uptime guarantees vary from package to package but all are 99% or above.


We provide the same features and software as the large impersonal companies do..


Most companies want to charge you for expensive extended support plans. Support is built into our prices. No $75+/hour surprise for help later.


Nearly all downtime logged last year occured specificly for emergency security patches. We stay up to date with all security bulletins..

Our Location