Recent price rise in our hosting costs

  • Wednesday, 30th June, 2021
  • 11:23am

Over the last year cPanel has raised its prices, or changed it's pricing structure to put people in higher pricing brackets multiple times. It's annoyed me to the point that I've been doing the bare minimum on the hosting side of the service publicly. Well. We're ditching cPanel. Our DNS and hosting services have been updated already. DNS is already available through the user panel. If you have a domain that you haven't enabled dns management on, just buy dns management for it through the cart. It's free on all domains purchased through us, so you will get an invoice for $0.00 that will instantly add access to dns management on your account.


Webhosting will be hosted manually for the moment (customers with a subscription, no new hosting will be sold during this period), while I get a new email solution setup (It's much nicer than the previous one). Initial admin accounts on the email server will also be created by package manually for the moment.


Once all is working. I will create modules for managing the website and email servers directly in this panel as well. While this is a lot of initial work, it will allow me to keep prices lower, while still providing personalized support for each and every client. Yes, this move will remove a lot of confusing buttons, as well as features. Upon watching for a solid year, not one of my users used any of those features, features they only added because they were very easy to add, so they look as if they are doing something, not because they are useful features. So why am I paying more for stuff they've added no one uses, while feature requests from 2003 with thousands of votes remain completely unanswered (cPanel needs to fire Benny, that person is useless)? In the future I also plan to dump WHMCS. They run by EvilCorp (See end of last paragraph).


For those of you that don't know. There is a movement happening. It's a coalition of hosting and software companies teaming up together and brainstorming how to get more money out of people while doing less for that money. One company even bought up other companies and raised their prices to match their own. Across the board they've been raising prices. What they are doing with the collusion between companies is technically illegal. It's an anti-trust violation. Good luck finding someone at the Justice Department or in Congress that understands how a hosting environment even works though. Most of them can't operate their own computers. LARGE hosting providers such as GoDaddy and HostGator have their logos stamped on it, right on cPanel's website, and are still receiving previous pricing while the rest of us suffer price increase after price increase. Just so you are aware of who has bought up all these companies and conspired with major hosts to raise everyone else's prices. WebPros currently owns, Plesk, cPanel, and WHMCS, as well as SolusVM and several others. It's owned by a British holding company, which has also bought up licenses for other popular software and sold them into the ground until they are in such disrepair they no longer work correctly, and kept selling them even then.

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