SSL Certificates

Protect Sensitive Data

The primary reason why SSL is used is to keep sensitive information sent across the Internet encrypted so that only the intended recipient can understand it.

This is important because the information you send on the Internet is passed from computer to computer to get to the destination server. We can help you protect your site and ensure it stays protected, giving you more time to focus on your business.

SSL Benefits

Encrypt Your Online Transactions

Phishing Attack Prevention

Choose From Wide Range of SSL Types

Install Across Multiple Servers

Extended Validation SSL

As the highest 'class' of SSL available, Extended Validation SSL Certificates (EV SSL) activate both the padlock and the green address bar in all major browsers.

This type of SSL certificate, allows your visitors to see your company name in the address bar. These generally take a letter from a lawyer, and a CPA to get. This can be extremely costly to to you. We've dealt with these certificates on multiple occasions and know what is required of you to get a EV SSL certificate beforehand.

1 Year $199.99 USD Order Today

EV SSL Certificates provide the strongest encryption available and enable the organization behind a website to present its own verified identity to visitors.

Why does purchasing an EV SSL certificate open a support ticket instead of charging me anything?

We are generally successful in obtaining EV SSL certificates within 24 hours of purchase (We HAVE on the rare case received one in only two hours). We will open a support ticket for you, we will provide you two forms to sign and fill out, and we will make sure you have the right information displayed, in the right locations on the internet to pass the checks. When all of this is complete, we will create you a custom buy order. This will ensure you don't pay hundreds of dollars, then wait for days or weeks until the process is complete. This will save you both time and money in the long run.

Standard SSL Certificates

Not only are they much lower cost than the extended validation class certificate, standard SSL certificates will do the job of securing sensitive user data and giving your visitors confidence in your website.


With Comodo EssentialSSL you can enable long term security protocols and SSL for both, and This is enough to keep your customers data safe in transit while remaining on a strict budget.

$24.99 USD Yearly

EssentialSSL Wildcard

With Comodo EssentialSSL Wildcard you can enable long term security protocols and SSL on as many subdomains as you want (* This can save you thousands of dollars compared to $24.99 per subdomain over time in some cases.

$124.99 USD Yearly

Hosted Sites Free

We have partnered with cPanel and Comodo to bring you free encryption! While these certificates must be updated more often, they are updated automatically by our systems. We believe in an encrypted internet for all, and we've passed that on to our customers.

FREE - Automatically Provided

Why do you only offer Comodo certificates?

Comodo certificates are recognized by most web browsers, and all modern web browsers. Comodo also has the easiest process in place for obtaining certificates. Many other companies have complicated instructions, with manual command line work required, or unstreamlined processes for issuing certificates. Quite simply, they work, and do so easily.

Beyond that fact, one SSL certificate root owns many of the companies offering SSL under different brand names. This certificate root has been caught issuing invalid certificates for domains without the owners permission, as well as issuing certificates without verifying the person purchasing owns the domain at all. They have been forced to revoke certificates and jump through extra hoops affecting customers in the process. We prefer for our customers to have a smooth and enjoyable experience, and will only recommend providers which can provide such service.

Why should I buy a SSL certificate if you offer a free one?

Simplest answer is level of trust. A more complicated answer is that the free certificates must be renewed every 90 days. While our system automatically takes care of this for you, the short life span of these certificates can make some security features such as HSTS or HPKP unviable options. If you don't know what these are, or aren't running credit card transactions, you probably don't need to buy a custom SSL certificate. In this case, these free certificates will be more than enough for you to obtain the bonus ranking for being encrypted in search engines.